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Putting the COMMUNITY back into expat life in Shenzhen!!!

UPDATED 01 November 2020

Next update 15 November 2020

Welcome to ANZCOM's Xmas Party Booking

Reserve your place at this limited seating fully plated Xmas Eve dinner HERE & NOW

  • Use this form to supply details. You will be also added to our email list.

    ...Payment must be made contemporaneously by scanning this WeChat. Insert your name in the "Add Note" area of WeChat Pay.

    We will confirm receipt of both the Booking and Payment via email within 24 hours.

    After successful submission return to this page to scan and pay

    Early Bird Nov Price:

    Non Member Price PP: $RMB 378

    Lobster Option PP: $RMB 504

    Member Price PP: $RMB 328

    Lobster Option PP: $RMB 456

    Following receipt of payment, confirmation will be sent to your email within 24 hours

    We look forward to your enjoyment of this fantastic event


    Book Now & Save

  • Weekly Event: Members Monday @ Imperial Inn

    Make sure you're in the bar for a FREE drink and weekly draw.

    2020 weekly draw will end 23 November.